MRI safety

MRI scans can be performed for eyeWatch patients

It has been demonstrated that the eyeWatch implant is an MR conditional device. MR conditions are listed in the instructions for use. Under such conditions, the patients can safely undergo MR scans after eyeWatch implantation. The implant's magnet however may create a local artefact around the operated eye. 

Important note:

It is essential that after an MRI scan, the patient should refer to a trained ophthalmologist for verification (and likely adjustment) of the eyeWatch's magnet position as it might have changed during the scan.  

Airport scans and daily situations

Airport security:

The magnetic field in the vicinity of the eyeWatch implant is negligeable and is not noticed by airport scans. Likewise, electromagnetic fields at airport security gates will not interfere with or change the functional position of the eyeWatch implant. Travelling with an eyeWatch is therefore totally safe.  

Daily situations:

External magnets such as fridge magnets or induction cookers can be a source of strong magnetic fields. In general, it is not expected that such magnets should affect the eyeWatch's functional position. However, in the unlikely event where such a magnet comes close to a patient's eye (2-3 mm), it would be recommended for the patient to visit his/her ophthalmologist for verification of the eyeWatch's functional position.  


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