eyeWatch™ implant

The eyeWatch™ device is a non-invasively adjustable glaucoma drainage device. By selectively compressing a drainage tube by means of a rotatable magnetic disk, the fluidic resistance can be adjusted to maintain intraocular pressure (IOP) within the optimal clinical-targeted range. The adjustment is performed non-invasively using an external control unit, the eyeWatch Pen.

eyeWatch Pen

The eyeWatch Pen is an instrument comprising on one end a position-measuring compass and on the other side a position adjustment magnet. It allows, with a simple geasture, the measurement and adjustment of the eyeWatch's functional position. The unit works for both left and right eyes and can be handled with just one hand.



The eyePlate is a silicone drainage plate. It is connected to the output of the eyeWatch device and allows drainage of the aqueous humor through a filtration bleb, which is formed around the silicone plate. The eyePlate is available in plate sizes of 200mm2 and 300mm2.



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