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New comparative study between the eyeWatch and the Ahmed valve published in Journal of Glaucoma

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Rheon Medical is happy to announce the publication of its latest scientific paper in collaboration with Dr. Christoph Kniestedt in Zürich (Augen Zentrum Eyes Center, Zürich, Switzerland). The article was published in the latest edition of Journal of Glaucoma (Edition May 2020).

This publication presents the 1 year follow-up results of a mono-centric, prospective comparative study between the eyeWatch system (eyeWatch implant connected to a Baerveldt implant) and the Ahmed FP-7 valve. A total of 23 patients (n=12  Ahmed, n=9 eyeWatch) were included for the study.

The study shows how the eyeWatch's adjustability allows for a controlled IOP resulting in a high success rate of 89% at 1 year (vs 58% for Ahmed) in terms of IOP management, while completely avoiding hypotony for all patients. On top of that, none of the eyeWatch patients experienced any post-operative complication during the first year of follow-up.

For more information, the full paper can be downloaded here.

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