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World's first stand-alone eyePlate implantations in London

Rheon Medical is proud to announce that the world’s first eyePlate implantation as a stand-alone device (without an eyeWatch) took place in London last month. The first three eyePlate devices were implanted by Dr. Faisal Ahmed (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Hospital in London, UK). 

The eyePlate is a CE-marked glaucoma drainage device developed by Rheon Medical which allows drainage of the aqueous humor excess from the eye’s anterior chamber onto a silicone plate attached to the sclera. The eyePlate was until now only tested connected to an eyeWatch implant. Instead of connecting the eyePlate to an eyeWatch implant, a conventional tube obstruction technique (i.e. tube ligature and ripcord insertion) was used to limit the flow and avoid early post-operative hypotony. 

“I was delighted to be the first surgeon in the world to implant the eyePlate on its own. Implanting the eyePlate was relatively quick and easy to implant” Dr. Faisal Ahmed said. "The patients post operatively were comfortable. I have already ordered more eyePlates for my next cases.”

The eyePlate device has the particularity of having a very narrow shape for its size, allowing for an easy insertion, without having to insert it under the eye muscles. These implantations were performed with an eyePlate-300, which has a plate with an area of 300mm2. Rheon Medical has also developed a smaller model with a 200mm2 area. 

For more information on the eyePlate device: https://www.rheonmedical.com/eyeplate


Photo courtesy of Dr. Faisal Ahmed