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Elahi et al., Journal of Glaucoma, 2020 

EyeWatch Rescue of Refractory Hypotony After Baerveldt Drainage Device Implantation: Description of a new Technique

Case study on the recovery of a failed Baerveldt tube due to hypotony, by implantation of an eyeWatch

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Roy et al., Journal of Glaucoma, 2019 

Initial Clinical Results of the eyeWatch: a New Adjustable Glaucoma Drainage Device Used in Refractory Glaucoma Surgery

Initial clinical results of the eyeWatch implant combined with a Baerveldt tube in Switzerland (first 15 patients in Lausanne and Zurich)


Villamarin et al., IOVS, 2014 

A new adjustable Glaucoma Drainage Device

First publication on the eyeWatch explaining how the mechanism of the eyeWatch implant works and how the IOP changes in relation with the implant's magnet position


Villamarin et al., IOVS, 2014, 

In vivo testing of a novel Adjustable Glaucoma Drainage Device

First pre-clinical results of the eyeWatch implant in rabbit eyes. 


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